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The Paper Pileup: EOBs and Medical Bills

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is simply a summary of how much a healthcare service (or services) costs and is sent from your insurance company. While it may look like a bill, it is not. This statement just shows you how much the healthcare provider - a doctor, hospital, or pharmacy - is charging your insurance company and how much you may be responsible for paying. If you do owe money, you'll also then receive a separate bill directly from that healthcare provider. 

Because EOBs and medical bills can look different based on the insurance company and provider, it can be challenging to ensure all the claims and bills are accurate and align. That's why our team specializes in medical claims processing! Just send us your EOBs and bills, and we'll ensure they are accurate and appropriately processed and that you're not overpaying for your services. Contact us today about how we can help.