Exploring the Initials

From Hugh DeMoss:


For more than 25 years I reported the news.  I also taught news at Ohio State University.  I made news as a Franklin County Commissioner.  Now, I’m Exploring the Initials – HMO, PPO, PSO, MSA and FFS and the spreading news about Seniors Servicing, a cure for medical paperwork.  The confusion that surrounds all those initials and the accompanying paperwork can only be described as overwhelming for the average Senior.


I had a hospital procedure done and the bills almost beat me home.  My frustration was typical.  But fortunately for me, I knew where I could find an answer.


Let me take you back to 1986.  A friend of mine, Russ Neds, was cutting his grass.  A neighbor lady, Toine Chiappi, came to Russ needing help trying to work through a mound of medical and insurance papers.  Russ, whose background is in insurance and accounting, said he would try to help.  As if sweating over a lawn mower was not enough, Russ sweated over her medical paperwork until he finally mixed and matched bills with benefits.  And while Russ worked his magic at her kitchen table, she worked her magic at the oven, a pan of brownies.  Mission accomplished – Reward received.


A couple of weeks later, Russ was mowing his lawn.  And again, his neighbor lady came up.  This time she had a stack of bills that would, figuratively, reach the sky.  Again, Russ accommodated her.  As he attacked the task at hand, the seven ladies there at Toine’s for bridge club watched in amazement.  Again, Mission accomplished – Reward received.  Another pan of brownies.  Russ thought, “more brownies?”  Wait, even the Good Book says, “Man cannot live by bread alone.”  So a business was born.


Since 1986, Russ Neds and his company, Seniors Servicing, has processed over 300,000 claims for more that 2,500 clients.  I am pleased to be among those numbers.


As a result of my experience with EOB’s (more initials meaning Explanation of Benefits) and Medicare’s “This is Not a Bill” and having reached that lofty position Senior Citizen, Russ thought I might be helpful in spreading the word about the cure for medical paperwork.  Well, I joined Seniors Servicing and I can tell you it is a real pleasure to see Seniors Servicing make sure that our clients are getting all their benefits without facing that mountain of paperwork.


Now I want to make one thing clear...We do not sell insurance.  We just make sure that your current insurance meets its obligations and your claims are filed completely, correctly and timely.  Very simply, Seniors Servicing tells you who to pay, what to pay and when to pay.  We are also widely accepted in legal, trust and accounting circles as the “health claims specialists.”


In addition to our day-to-day efforts at simplifying medical paperwork, we provide outreach services by way of seminars at retirement communities, Senior Centers, civic organizations and church groups.  If you would like to learn more about our seminar, “Exploring the Initials”, for your group, call Seniors Servicing at toll free – (800)451-9585.


The seminars are free, but Russ is quite fond of brownies.

Call Seniors Servicing Today at (614) or (800) 451-9585 for a Free Consultation!


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