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Utilizing the Service


Here’s how it works:


You should forward immediately all benefit explanations from Medicare and your other insurance.   Also, send any provider bills, prescription receipts, etc.  You ALWAYS keep any benefit check you might receive and deposit that into your checking account.


We will file, monitor and coordinate all your insurance benefits to make sure the claim is processed completely, correctly and timely.


If a balance remains for you to pay, we will promptly return the original provider bill with an exact amount circled and labeled “OK TO PAY.”   We will also tell you why this amount is due (i.e., deductible, co-pay, not covered, etc.)


Periodically, we will send you a summary of all your medical expenses and insurance benefits.  This is a MUST for your own information and can help your tax professional determine if you have enough out-of-pocket medical expenses to qualify for a tax deduction.