Health care for our senior population is getting more and more complex.  Congress has created several alternative health care options.  They are included in a government publication called Medicare and You.  These plans range from maddeningly complex to bewildering to downright confusing.


As “The Health Claim Specialists” we have the knowledge, speak the language and possess the experience necessary to do the job right...the first time!  Our services are provided to you for a low annual fee.  By using this method, your costs are known in advance and not subject to hourly rates or additional per claim charges.


·          You receive Peace of Mind!  Knowing you’ll receive all the benefits to which you are entitled.

·          Relief!  No more hassle and pressure of dealing with complex and large amounts of medical paperwork.

·          Money!  From “found” insurance benefits, overpayments made and appeals won.

·          Savings!  From your current costs of long distance, photocopies, postage and time.

·          Information!  From periodic newsletters and regular claims summaries.

·          Consultations!  To help you understand benefits, insurance coverage and bills.

·          Referrals!  To other “specialists” for wills, trusts, estates, taxes, etc.

What You Receive

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