Our Services

Seniors Servicing is not an insurance agency or is it involved with any “special interest” groups.  We are unbiased experts, medical claims specialists, who oversee our clients’ health care benefits and entire medical expenses under existing policies.


In addition to assisting our individual clients, Seniors Servicing is widely accepted by attorneys, accountants and bank trust departments in processing medical paperwork for estates and guardianships.


·          We organize all medical paperwork including Medicare, insurance and bills.

·          File claims to all your insurance companies: Supplement, Secondary, Dental, Prescriptions, Groups, etc.

·          Monitor all claim activity and benefit payments.

·          Co-ordinate all policies and benefit payments.

·          Find and refile claims “lost” in the system.

·          Appeal claims where benefits were denied.

·          Recover overpayments for you.

·          Inform you of WHEN, WHO and WHAT you should pay.

·          Assist in resolving problems between you, your provider and your insurance (including Medicare).

·          Maintain records and copies of all claims.

·          Summarize all claim activity, benefit payments and report to you regularly.  This is especially valuable for tax purposes.


All services are provided for around $20 per month (based on   annual fee) for the initial 12-month period.

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