Since 1986, Seniors Servicing has processed more than 300,000 claims for more than 2,500 clients.  Last year alone Seniors Servicing handled over 40,000 client claims through more than 150 insurance organizations. 


·          Hundreds, even thousands of dollars are spent each year by people for numerous kinds of health insurance protection.

·          Additional out-of-pocket dollars are spent for postage, copies, supplies, long distance, etc.

·          Hours are spent sorting bills, matching papers and filing claims.

·          Millions of dollars are lost each year because claims were not filed completely, correctly and/or in a timely manner.  Add to that “lost” claims, denied benefits and incorrect benefit payment amounts.

·          Most people don’t want to burden friends or family members with such frustrating and time consuming matters.

·          Recent Federal Laws, designed to simplify the process have managed to complicate the process – and YOU KNOW, there’s much more to come – INCLUDING MORE PAPERWORK.

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