THE Cure for Medical Paperwork!

$ Millions Are Lost Forever $

If Medical Claims are not filed

completely, correctly and timely!

We help you...

Many of us have wandered through the

seemingly endless trail of paperwork.  We

try to sort, separate and understand itemized

doctor statements, balance due bills,

explanation of insurance benefits

and a myriad of other items in an effort to

get bills to match with benefits.


For more than one thousand Central Ohio

residents enrolled in Seniors Servicing that

frustration and confusion has been

eliminated.   Seniors Servicing files,

monitors and coordinates all medical bills

and insurance benefits reducing that mountain of paperwork to a computerized summary of all claims activity.


When a client receives this summary, THEY KNOW that each claim has been processed with their existing insurance and that all benefits have been secured.  We give our clients PEACE OF MIND.  They have answers to the three basic questions...who do I owe, how much do I owe and when do I have to pay.

Let us Maximize Your Benefits, Eliminate Any Hassles and Give You Peace of Mind!

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